Telemedicine For Physical Therapy

Importance of Telehealth for Physical Therapists 

Keeping in contact with your patients at this difficult time.

During the outbreak of COVID-19. The number of in-office PT visits has decreased by as much as 90%, even with physical therapy being considered an essential service. If you're located in an area that has been greatly affected by the pandemic, high-risk patients will be unable to see you in-person.  

Telehealth is a great way to monitor and appropriately progress your patients. Post-surgical and more involved patients are at risk of regressing without you!

It is important to keep in contact with your patients at this difficult time. When this pandemic fades away. Y​our virtual patients will become your in-office patients.

There are a variety of different platforms that are offering HIPAA compliant telehealth to providers for little to no cost. Contact Physiobilling if you need assistance finding the right platform for your practice.

Telehealth Billing

Most insurance are making changes to cover virtual physical therapy visits. Be sure to verify benifits before treating a telehealth patient.

Please click here to view UnitedHealthcare's accepted telemedicine CPT codes for physical therapy.

PhysioBilling is in direct contact with all insurance companies to get the latest on telemedicine billing guidelines and fee schedules.

Please contact PhysioBilling to receive the latest updates on telehealth.

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