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Patient Insurance Verification


  • Why use a Physical Therapy Only Billing Firm?
    Insurance Company PT Fee schedules are constantly changing. Multi disciplinary Billing Companies often have difficulty understanding PT insurance authorizations and the appeal process.
  • How do you actually bill for our practice?
    We produce the bill right from your EMR software, check the claim for errors and submit to the insurance company through a Billing Clearinghouse
  • What if my clinic does not use EMR?
    No worries. Scan your superbills and we’ll take it from there. Your claims will be submitted electronically or via a paper claim (depending on the insurance company)
  • How does my practice get paid?
    Your practice gets paid directly from the insurance company just as you do now. PhysioBilling does not receive payment from insurance companies.
  • How do we pay PhysioBilling?
    PhysioBilling will bill you montly based on what your practice actually collects.
  • I’ve been using my current billing company for a long time. Is it a hassle to switch to PhysioBilling?
    No, not at all. Our staff will take care of the entire set up process. Just fill out our simple client registration forms.
  • What if a claim is denied?
    We will identity the reason for the denial, make the necessary corrections and resubmit the claim for payment. If an appeal is required. PhysioBilling will file the appeal directly to the insurance company.
  • Can PhysioBilling do insurance company credintialling for my practice?
    Yes, we make what can be a tedious process of getting credentialed with insurance companies as painless as possible. Contact us for pricing.
  • What if I'm starting a new practice or need a NPI?
    PhysioBilling can register you with a National Provider Identifier (NPI) , create a CAQH provider number, enroll you for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), and handle your credentialing applications with the insurance companies of your choice, increasing potential patients your practice can serve.
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