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front desk training


Training the Face of Your Clinic

Your front desk receptionist is the first person a new or potential patient comes in contact with.

A single negative experience could cost your practice major bucks.

PhysioBilling will provide thorough and interactive training to your front desk staff.

A well-trained staff will increase the number of patients that your clinic treats and decrease errors that can delay or deny insurance payments.

Training will be custom-tailored to your clinic’s needs and cover the following topics:

Patient interaction

  • Greeting new/potential patients 

  • Pleasant and effective patient interaction over the phone

  • Collecting copays and other payments (co-insurance, deductible)

  • Reducing appointment cancellations


Intake and demographic collecting

  • Complete checklist on required patient info to properly verify insurance benefits

  • Collecting current MD referrals, post-op, MRI, and X-ray reports 

  • Patient info required for Medicare MIPS Compliance                                                                            


Dealing with insurance companies

  • Accurate gathering of insurance plan benefits and prior-authorization requirements to avoid denied claims

*Training will be conducted as a 45-60 minute Zoom meeting*

Zoom account not required

Front desk training is included only with a signed contract

Contact us today for more information!

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