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Patient Insurance Verification


Let Us Handle Patient Insurance Verification For Your Clinic

Hand over your patient insurance verification to the experts at PhysioBilling!

PhysioBilling will accurately verify your new or current patients' insurance benefits

  • In or Out of Network

  • Confirmation of Primary or Secondary Insurance

  • Deductible/Out of Pocket Patient Responsibility

  • Co-Pay/Co-Insurance 

  • Number of Visits Allowed by the Health Insurance Plan

  • Number of Visits Already Used by the Patient

  • Prior Authorization Requirements

  • Correct Insurance Payer ID # for Electronic Billing


Incomplete or inaccurate verification of a patient’s benefits is one of the top reasons for denied or delayed payments.


Insurance verification can be a long and tedious process. Hours wasted on the phone with provider services reps or incomplete information found on insurance websites directly affects your bottom line.

Patient Deductible

Your practice should be fully aware of a patient’s insurance deductible. Being unaware of an unmet deductible can result in treating a patient for free without your initial knowledge.

PhysioBilling will inform you of the remaining deductible amount owed by a patient. And give you a patient payment plan based on your clinic’s rate. You and your patient will have a clear and simple payment plan.

Patient Insurance Verification

Contact us today for more information and pricing (low-priced packages available) 

*Additional fees apply for insurance verification (insurance verification not included with regular billing services)

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